Covered Magazine ramadan initiative 2020
Covered Magazine ramadan initiative 2020
Covered Magazine Ramadan initiative 2020

With support from our sponsors, Covered Magazine was able to deliver Iftar boxes to those on the frontline and within our communities.

We take a moment to keep in mind those that are unable to be with their families during Iftar as they work around the clock to ensure all South Africans are safe and being taken care of within our most vulnerable communities.

In this month lets always keep in mind, those that are less fortunate, unable to have access, that may have lost thier jobs or had a pay reduction during this difficult time we are all facing as one nation and global community.

When Covered Magazine conceptualized this initiative we didn’t expect such an amazing response, especially with a global pandemic on us, but we said lets just go for it and see who responds to our call. When we approached possible sponsors, these business leaders and owners didnot hesitate or think twice about stepping up and leading the way during these difficult times.

We would like to thank all those who assisted in bringing this initiative to life, from those that helped in packing, to loading, delivering and distributing within our communities. Thank you for your time and patience bringing us all closer in this Holy month of Ramadan.

May we all stay blessed and united during trying times. Wishing you all a prosperous 2020.

Covered Magazine Ramadan initiative 2020
Covered Magazine Ramadan initiative 2020

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