COVERED MAGAZINE and VENTURES AVENUE will gather 100 Entrepreneurs, each one brimming with new experiences and will explore possibilities for collaboration. It is time to align and unify all our efforts to create , collaborate and innovate to combat the Global challenges faced by Entrepreneurs to restore our faith in humanity and continue to be vigilant in finding ways to progress towards creating a better future as one community.

A celebration of connecting minds and creating the future , Optimism Project aspires to empower Entrepreneurs and create a positive impact that spans everything from brand activations , innovations , best practices , knowledge building to establishing meaningful connections and business opportunities.

There is an exponential growth when all of us are united, with both corporate and government sectors supporting individuals and the whole SME Community, this initiative aims to unlock endless possibilities to inspire collaborations in making connections with lasting impact matters. A platform to create , connect, collaborate and compere for business opportunities.


COVERED MAGAZINE and VENTURES AVENUE are jointly launching the Optimism Project – The fashion Innovation Pitch Competition in the Middle East, and African Region.

The program is launched to promote Mentorship, being one of Ventures Avenue as a community and venture builder to support the Regions objectives in fostering collaborations throughout the whole SME ecosystem.
Open to all Entrepreneurs and eligible businesses in the middle east and the African region under the spectrum of retail , emerging technologies ,manufacturing and fashion.

The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload.

Ideas and concepts pitched must be in the start-up or early stage of development. Individuals or teams must disclose any funding already received at the time of registration. Ideas or concepts may already be funded before this competition by personal or family funds, small amounts of seed capital from outside investors, or modest amounts of funding stemming from institutional or research grants.

The Organizing Committee has the sole discretion to determine which teams are invited to pitch. It may also disqualify and/or remove any individual or teams for any reason that it deems appropriate before and/or during the pitch competition for violation of these rules. All decisions regarding team participation in the pitch competition are final.

Competition Prizes

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Audience Choice

Honourable Mention


Open to only 100 Entrepreneurs , applications should be submitted online via ( www.coveredmagazine.com ) which will be screen and pre-qualify by the organizing committee together with the judging panel.

Application Date Opens:

Application Date closing:


1. Submission of the application online
2. Registration N2 Community platform
3. Company valuation to be managed by a third-party provider
4. Attendance to Three (3) mentorship program to be scheduled accordingly

Pitch Competition Rules

• Application may be dully submitted online as individuals or teams
• The maximum number of team members for a single pitch is limited to 5 persons.
• Each individual or team may enter only one idea or concept
• Pitch competitors may participate on only one team.
• From One (100) Entrepreneurs there will only be ten (10) to be short listed to participate in the final Pitch
• Only the pitching individual or the pitching members of a team may pitch to the panel of judges or answer questions from the judges and/or the audience.
• Optimism Project : The Fashion Innovation Pitch Competition is open only to individuals who are member of __
• The pitched idea or concept must be the original work of the individual or team pitching it. Ideas and concepts deemed by the Organizing Committee to be deceptive, insincere, offensive, immoral, or unethical may be screened and disqualified.

Pitch Guidelines

o Submit the following information about your idea via online application to info@coveredofficial.com
o Team Contact Information including name, designations/role, address, email, telephone together with photo.
o Executive Summary (limited to 500 words)
o Market Analysis (limited to 500 words)
o Description of the product or service (limited to 500 words)
o Description of Marketing and Sales Strategy ( (limited to 500 words)
o Pitch Deck -Elements to consider in preparing pitch presentation
– Description of Product/Service
– Value Proposition – How will the product or service add value for customers?
– Target Market Characteristics – Who will buy the product or service? How big is the target market?
– Differentiation – How is the product or service different from existing products and services?
– Competitive Advantage – What is the competitive advantage? (patent, algorithm, unique service model, etc.)
– Revenue Model – How will the product or service generate revenue? (sales, subscription, advertisement, etc.)
– Revenue Estimate – How long will it take to generate revenue and what sales revenue is expected
o Time. Twenty (20) minutes are allocated to each team’s pitch. Three (5) minutes are allocated to Q & A with the judges. In total, each individual or team pitching will have twenty (20) minutes maximum; Fifteen (15) minutes to pitch the idea or concept and five (5) minutes to answer questions from judges and get valuable feedback. Time will begin when the presenter begins to speak
o Confidentiality: Optimism Project Pitch Competition accept no responsibility for preventing other competitors, audience members, or judges, sponsors or others who see or hear a pitch competitor’s idea or materials from sharing the idea and/or materials. Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Covenants Not to Compete between a competitor and Organizing Committee, judges and/or audience members are not permitted. Sharing your idea or concept may be deemed a public disclosure. It is the responsibility of applicants to consult with an legal cpunsel before entering the competition. Organizers are not responsible for any confidentiality issues that may occur during the course of, or as a consequence of, the competition. Pitch Competition competitors agree that NCNW incurs no liability from disputes arising therefrom.
o Reproduction: Organizers may take photographs and/or video of any materials used or made available by pitching individuals or teams during the competition for public relations purposes. Any content presented by a competitor should be considered public information disclosure. Competitors should carefully consider excluding any proprietary information or materials that the competitor feels is at risk of disclosure


Entrants acknowledge that by submitting the application to participate, they have consented to the rules of NCNW’s Millennial Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition

Pitch Competition Rules

• LAUNCHING EVENT – Submission Open
• SUBMISSIONS – Deadline

Pitch Competition Application Questionnaire

Please click the button below to fill in application form.

First Name
Last Name
Contact Number
Date of Birth
What is your role in the business? (Tell us more about yourself, current occupation, work experience, and business experience (if any). Give details about your personal traits and what makes you the right person for the proposed business.)

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What is the name of your business?
What is the nature of your business?
Executive Summary (limited to 500 words)
Market Analysis (limited to 500 words)
Description of the product or service (limited to 500 words)
Description of Marketing and Sales Strategy ( (limited to 500 words)
Is your business already operational?
Who are your customers?
Who are your competitors?
Where will utilize the investment grant ?
Please explain what is your competitive edge and how you will differentiate yourself from your competition?

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NB: Please Attach presentation/ pitch deck