Editor In Chief

Meet your EIC

Yemien Khota Touffie, mother of 3, with a passion for fashion. Yesmien founded Covered Magazine, the inclusive modest magazine, after donning the hijab.  No longer able to fully relate to the commercial offerings of available media content and magazines, she decided to create Covered, a magazine relatable to the modest community’s lifestyle and interests no matter their heritage or backgrounds.

What started off as a hobby fast turned into a full fledge community publication which not only highlights fashion in the modest industry but also focuses on the dynamics of multiple modest personalities.  A former fashion model and casting agency owner, she worked closely on various TV set productions back in the day and graced the ramp for the likes of Loreal and various trending fashion houses as well as advert campaigns for both Coke and Pepsi. She took a break from the entertainment industry to pursue a corporate career in finance. As an Operations Manager in a well-known finance company, Yesmien established her abilities to inspire and mentor women. After experiencing complications in the 3rd trimester of her 3rd pregnancy, she decided to make the hard decision of becoming a stay at home mom. That phase of her life lasted a year before she signed up to use her financial skills to assist a small school in which her daughter attended. With the extra time on her hands her creative brain started to flow yet again and the idea of a modest magazine was born.

Yesmien’s aspirations for Covered is to be a globally recognised brand which exposes and unites various modest communities, who are rich in culture and tradition, through fashion, art, creativity and those untold stories!