Chef Yaseen Henry

Food expert and industry insider

Chef Yaseen Henry hails from Durban KwaZulu-Natal and completed his hotel management diploma at Damelin college in 1998 from there he did his catering management course at ML sultan. With his passion and talent for cooking from a young age where he helped  his mom his first  mentor in the kitchen.

After completing his course he did his in service training under his second mentor Chef Mayfoos Khan at Eastern Rendezvous blue lagoon. Learning from a great Indian chef he then went on to work at the Durban International convention Centre and then the Hilton Hotel.

After doing his services Chef Yaseen worked at southern Sun Elangeni  Under the late chef Nicoles where they headed up the Halal breakfast under the authority of then manager Khalid Essop , Mike Jackson and a few Aleems. The Halal ran from 2007 to 2013 and was scraped by tsogo sun due to personal issues.

Chef Yaseen then pursued his career as an entrepreneur with in Durban and in Dubai where he networked with other chefs and entrepreneurs. And to this date  still remain a member of the south African chefs association as a junior member, Junior member of World association of Chefs Society ,A professional member of the South African Culinary And Hospitality association and a member of the Special Coffee  association of Southern Africa.

In 2019 Chef Yaseen Henry returned to South Africa and returned to the culinary industry where he opened his own catering company called BearGrills which services the need of halal corporate clients and events, he is very much in involved with skills networking and development, he is currently  busy trying to get more skills workshop so that the general public can get a better understanding of the vast knowledge the culinary industry and what the industry has to has to offer.


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