Peace be upon you to all our amazing readers.

Women’s month has since passed us, that being said, we have
dedicated this issue to all the women making a difference. We
celebrate our ability to change, from nurturing to maturing into the dynamic forces that we are. We find out how we can transform and merge together being the mother and the business woman, honouring some spirited women who have decided to take the leap.

Yasmine Berrade Sounni, owner of the Loft Gallery in Morocco, shares her story on how she decided to take leap into exploring her creativity and what is has meant to her. Muazza Latib talks to us about what it means to be a new business owner and making the jump from being a full time mom to now Boss Mama.

We share with you some amazing tips and tools to help get you to where you need to be.

Wishing you all loads of love and light.
I hope you enjoy the read.

By Yesmien KT


  • Manuela Pirola – Head Writer
  • Yasmine Berrada Sounni
  • Fatima AlSaad
  • Khadija Mia
  • Muazza Latib
  • Faheem Latib
  • Iman Touffie
  • Shamiera Dharsey
  • Adelah Henry
  • Yaseen Henry
  • Ed Idris Rosh – Layout & Digital Design

Manifestation is Consumerism
on a Yoga Mat

By Fatima AlSaad

Anywhere you look today people are manifesting their dream jobs, homes and husbands, and I’m not sure where to bang my head. The #manifestation culture is selling itself as a spiritual practice, promoting the power of our thoughts. In reality, it narrows our views of ourselves and the world. And I shall be so bold to say, there is nothing spiritual about it. 
According to the manifestation gurus topping Google search, this is the popular approach: Firstly, be exact with your dream; then as proof of faith, be happy like you’ve received it; also work towards the dream to show the universe you mean it; and lastly, receive with gratitude.

(source: internet)

The advertised guarantee results in an expectation that my dreams will all come true. Tell that to Johnny Depp who never showed up at my door. Meanwhile, as I’m sure that Johnny will show… (Subscribe to Read Full Article)


By Manuela Pirola

Founded in 2009 by Myriem and Yasmine Berrada Sounni and based in Casablanca (in the trendy Golden Triangle District), Loft Art Gallery has quickly become the focal point of modern and contemporary art in the African continent and a major player in the economic and cultural capital of Morocco.

“We founded Loft Art Gallery twelve years ago” – explains Yasmine Berrada proudly – “It is curious to say that I actually come from the world of finance. I studied Economics in Paris and I initially worked in the Stock Exchange market and asset management. Later, by chance, my sister and I decided to embrace the artistic field and take up this challenging adventure…
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The sociality denied in the past seasons now urges a need for escapism towards new territories or just towards a new normal. In the meantime, everything in women’s’ life has profoundly, maybe irreversibly, changed: from rhythms to occasions, but this is a natural and smooth less transformation for MARELLA that has always been by their side… (Subscribe to Read Full Article)

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