Peace be upon you.

Turning your side hustle into your dream! I can fully vouch for that, it is not an easy journey but it is definitely possible if you are willing to put in the work. There will be times when your emotions will be running on so many different levels. There will be times when these overwhelming feelings take over and you find yourself in a complete state of uncertainty. I have learnt and still continue to learn the tricks and trade of being an entrepreneur. What it has taught me thus far is that perseverance pays off! When the feelings take over, acknowledge those emotions and then start putting them into perspective. When you are tired, rest and when you overwhelmed, pause and remember how you view your outcome. Our April issue goes out to all those that are planning or are already hustling and steering the wheel of their destiny! Don’t be afraid of it, because after all the late nights, sweat and tears, that moment of success will be worth it all in the end.

By Yesmien KT


  • Iman Touffie – Sub Editor
  • Manuela Pirola – Head Writer
  • Margaret Hirsch
  • Ruba el-Amine
  • Shamiera Dharsey
  • Yaseen Henry
  • Asavari Sehgal
  • Stacey Fru
  • Mo Heine – Cover Photography
  • Zana Caster – Cover Inserts
  • Ed Idris Rosh – Layout & Digital Design
  • Manuela Pirola – Cover Styling Prep
  • Waseema Abdul Kader – Styling Cover Inserts
  • Shamiera Dharsey – Social Media
  • Manal Mirza – Closing Page Artwork
  • LaUdher – Garment  Cover

What We Do:

Upcycle cages into boho-chic and industrial side lamps, floor lamps, and lighting fixtures
• Create a line of designed goods
• Decorate events with sustainable materials and cages (open or dismantled to promote liberty)

We donate 5%-15% of our proceeds to support human rights, animal rescue and environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as well as to people with critical illnesses.

Who We Are:


Art.Cages, a Beirut-based social enterprise, is the brainchild of Ruba el-Amine, a native of Lebanon who grew up between the Middle East and Europe. Having lived in two cultures raised her awareness to how some societies live more freely than in others.
The need to promote the importance of liberating humans, animals, and nature from the physical and mental constraints of captivity became Ruba’s mission, in 2008, when she started upcycling cages into beaded decorative pieces, with the aim of changing their function: From a cage of captivity to a decorative Art.Cage! The name Art.Cages was then born. Back then, Ruba had a demanding full-time job as a design educator and chairperson. Most of her free time was spent on upcycling used and new cages into beaded boho-chic art.cages, a manual labor of at least 20hrs per cage! The hobby turned into a mental and physical discipline, her “Zen time”. The goal: 1 art.cage = 1 free bird!
In 2016, Ruba left her job to channel all her energies into her hobby by transforming it into a design-oriented social enterprise promoting the values she holds so dearly. The following year, Art.Cages was formally established to spread the importance of its created slogan and motto “Liberty over Captivity – لا للأسر، نعم للحرية”.

Today, Art.Cages is raising awareness of liberty through its event decoration services and fundraising merchandise available online, in concept stores and at public events.

With every purchase from our product range and every decoration service we are hired for, you help us spread our awareness message while contributing to charitable causes.

Art.Cages is open for collaborations with artists, designers, and event organizers promoting a better way of life. Let’s connect and be part of a positively growing ­community: A journey toward Liberty!

Why Upcycling Cages?

. The cage is a selfish man-made item when used to imprison birds and animals.
. Cages mirror our level of awareness toward ourselves, species around u, and nature. The higher the awareness, the lesser the need to keep any bird or animal in captivity. The more humane we are, the more selfless we become towards ourselves, our fellow humans, animals and Mother Nature… a positive trait!
Number of upcycled cages since 2008: 394 used and new cages


Codex is a biotech company grounded in science, dedicated to supporting the microbiome and pioneering products having clinically proven, meaningful skincare benefits. Our mission is to blend the sciences of ethnobotany and plant biology with biotech innovation to create a new standard within the natural space: plant-based biotech beauty.
In the spirit of Ramadan, Silicon Valley based skincare brand Codex Beauty Labs has collaborated with UAE based creative, Dr. Azra Khamissa, to create an exclusive Ramadan gift box inspired by the Middle East. The limited-edition Ramadan box will be available online at and at the Watsons Dubai Mall and Dubai Festival City stores from April 2021 till stocks last.

The design on the Ramadan box is Dr. Azra’s interpretation of the Codex Beauty Labs Fibonacci spiral (Codex Beauty Labs signature logo) which was converted to a henna design and then extracted from her hand after 48 hours to ensure the all-natural henna colour reached its darkest point.

The exclusive Ramadan gift box will include two of the brand’s most awaited Antü collection products, the Antü Brightening Moisturizer and the Antü Brightening Night Cream along with a special gift, a Bia Cleansing soap.
This Ramadan, gift your loved ones radiant and healthy glowing skin with Codex Beauty Lab’s exclusive Ramadan box, available exclusively at Watsons GCC and on


By Manuela Pirola

In a world where everything is being more difficult and people are facing unexpected challenges, showing authenticity and being somehow inspiring is an arduous thing. What is even tougher is focusing on your career or finding solutions to make your business survive. In this perspective, Personal Branding can be instrumental to set and achieve any goal, but only a few really know what Personal Branding is and why it always proves to be so beneficial.

By definition, Personal Branding is a process through which an individual (both male and female) recognises and defines the strengths (basically in terms of knowledge, skills and style) that uniquely distinguish a person, thus creating their own “personal brand” which will communicate in the way they deem most effective.

Doing Personal Branding means strategically managing your image. In other words, you will work to enhance your best features in order to build up a professional identity which will be consistent with your values and ideas. Personal Branding will help you consolidate your positioning, differentiate yourself from others (your competitors) and will make you more recognizable and memorable. The goal is to make a name for yourself in the field you operate within and effectively communicate your intentions. The challenge is to create a positive influence on people (your potential clients) in advance so that they will choose you instead of someone else.

Have you ever thought about how important our personal image is on the social media, where everything is defined by the “public”?  No doubt It is essential today to be online and actively participate in this process. This is why they say the Internet, in particular social media, can be considered the core of Personal Branding. We can assume that a Personal Brand does not exist without the ability to generate a flux of influence. A Brand does not exist without the power to aggregate a community and it all starts from one’s personality and uniqueness, from one’s strengths. The way we build a lasting and two-way relationship with the audience will determine the capability of improving our Brand and attracting new opportunities.

Having an impactful image is our best business card because it allows us to “make a good first impression”; to define a clear image strategy in order to harmonize one’s look with a professional role is the main task of experts operanting within Image Consulting and Styling, committed to create an external image which will truly become the mirror of an individual’s personality. This will bring about a process of identification and recognition by the public which will eventually lead to a bound of esteem and trust.

As an Image Consultant, I firmly believe Personal Branding is mainly based on the visual communication. While working with my clients, I specifically concentrate on those aspects which contribute to create a “winning image” of theirs. Colors, for instance, have the magic power to convey emotions and engage a precise target; also the choice of clothing is essential to interpret and communicate who a person is and what they want to represent. The business dress code is the key of a true professional image. To make it short, Fashion and Personal Styling is great allies for the development of one’s visual image and career.

Doing Personal Branding means focusing on your main asset: yourself! It means having an external image consistent with your personality and business idea while attracting more congruent opportunities. The Branding strategy is the foundation of every good communication and marketing action.

Follow Manuela @manuela.designer
Images source: PEXEL


By Manuela Pirola

Margaret Hirsch is definitely an inspiring example to businesswomen across Africa. Her fortunate story as an entrepreneur started more than forty years ago, when Margaret and her husband Allan founded their first appliance and electronics store, Hirsch’s, now the largest independently owned retail operation in South Africa, with 19 branches throughout Kwa Zulu Natal, Gauteng and Cape Town.

Born as a small business, Hirsch’s began to grow in importance when the founders were in their fifties and Margaret concentrated her energies on expanding the activity which gradually became a family affair and one of the most fruitful realities in South Africa.
As Executive Director of one of the biggest stores in South Africa, not only does Margaret represent a leading figure within the entrepreneurial system, but she also inspires hundreds of African people (ladies especially) while guiding them during firsthand entrepreneurial experiences. Definitely one of the best examples of social empowerment and cultural integration ever.

Mrs Margaret, how are your feelings about ranking among the top business women in South Africa?

“Well, I worked very hard and very long for thirty-five years without anyone saying “thank you”, then one day, out the blue, I was called to take part in the nomination for the “Business Woman of South Africa” and I won! I was extremely surprised as I couldn’t imagine that I would reach that goal. In fact, with me, there were really powerful people. The lady who came second, for example, was supposed to win; the one who came third, instead, was at the board of five massive companies, mainly big banks. So I soon thought that I had no chance to win.

But it happened! The point is: no matter who you are or where you come from, if you love your job and you do it well, sooner or later people will recognize it! This is exactly the message I want to convey to African business ladies: even if initially no one recognise your efforts, never give up and keep persevering, as better times will come! I started with a small reality and it took me more than thirty-five years to be recognized, first in 2012 as Business Woman of South Africa and in 2014 as the most influential Business Woman in Africa. It was great because, at that stage, I was 64 and the most important business men in South Africa was Mr Richard Papania, who was 94! And we were both working full day. Again, no matter how old you are, if you enjoy your job, keep working to reach your dreams and satisfactions will come! I made all this as my mission, I really want to help African ladies to leave their “comfort zone” and start upscaling their business, as this is what I did in my career”.

What did your life look like before becoming an entrepreneur?

“My life was very ordinary and very plain: ordinary job, ordinary salary and ordinary life. But I soon realized that I could do more, be more and have more! There is a massive difference between working for your boss and making a living and working for yourself and making a fortune! Of course this is not easy.

People are afraid of starting out a business on their own due to the difficulties they will have to face. But this is the challenge! For example, initially I was a PA and I always think that if I had kept on working as such, even at my best level, I would have always received a modest salary, nothing compared to what I can earn today. This cost me endless work and commitment, but this is how I achieved my goals as an entrepreneur. I still work full time! My mission and my purpose in life now is to teach other women. My mom, for example, was widowed very young and she had troubles in coping with the situation. Many women are suffering while going through divorce, death and whatever…I want to help them to find stability in their life and move forward”.

What were your top motivations for starting your business within appliances and electronics retail operation?

“My husband was a technician and I was in the office keeping contacts with clients. He had his own job and I helped him grow the business. We started from repairs, then we moved into sales and at a certain point, our top business was with microwaves. In 1979, no one in South Africa had a microwave in their kitchen. Microwave ovens came to our Country in 1980 and 1981. I started my first ever Margaret Cooking School in South Africa where I taught people how to cook with a microwave. This is exactly how everything began and then we went on”.

Are you still running a Cooking School?

“No, not at present. I used to have five Cooking Schools, from 1981 till 1994, the time when South Africa went into some troubles. But I still teach cooking and I still write cooking books!”

Describe briefly the biggest challenges you had to face to reach your entrepreneurial goals.

“I think the biggest challenge was to deal with totally unskilled staff, as in South Africa, when we started out our business, nearly 98% of people were extremely basic and we had to teach them how to become skillful with our stuff. I remember the first lady I hired didn’t even have the basic appliances at her home to give you an idea. My husband had to train men to carry on the technical work he was doing as well”.

As a woman, how did you manage to combine your life as a mother, wife and entrepreneur?

“Well, first and foremost you cannot sleep a lot and you cannot even afford to be sick for long! Also when I was studying to get my MBA, I used to sleep very little. Still today, I only sleep four hours a night. I have always kept my children at work with me and taught them how to grow and successfully manage a business. What is important is that we have always made our family time. We normally have our Friday dinner together or Saturday lunch…I always say that family comes first! I am aware of the fact that my family has become a model to many African people, who see us so united, staying together and working together. Additionally, we don’t smoke, we don’t drink and this is extremely ethical behaviour. I have become a role model for all the ladies working for me and I’m so happy about that. I want to show them how a good family and a basic lifestyle is”.

What would you suggest to women willing to launch a business on their own, especially in this unprecedented period?

“You know, there is never a good time to start a business. If you wait for a good time, you will never start! I began my entrepreneurial career after two jobs, two children and without parents to fall back on. And I must say that today, there are many entrepreneurs working brilliantly in our Country…of course there are also unfortunate realities, but I know a lot of people who really didn’t! Additionally, you have to study a lot. Remember learning is essential. I studied with top coach, Bradley Sugars, and the lady who works for me in my entrepreneurs club is a top action coach as well in South Africa. I work with very good people who really help entrepreneurs to expand their businesses. I think if you want to run an activity on your own, you absolutely need a coach, a mentor showing you the way, both in tough times and in good ones. Books are important but what you read in books may not work in real life. That’s why an experienced figure who guides you all the time is essential”.

What was your biggest stoke of luck since you founded your company?

“Actually I do not believe in luck. I do believe in hard work and the harder you work, the luckier you get! We weren’t lucky, we just planned every single step in our entrepreneurial career. Anyway, I think the best thing that happened to me was to going to America and following Tony Roberts, a motivational speaker. He teaches mind power, which is so interesting and useful to keep your emotions under control and go forth in the direction of your dreams. This is my best wish for all budding entrepreneurs in our Country”.

What is your biggest wish for the years ahead and what will your legacy be for future generations?

“My biggest wish for the years ahead is to teach as many people as possible to become entrepreneurs in South Africa and to keep their business stable, profitable and sustainable. Every week on Friday I organise groups of entrepreneurs and I show them how to start out and strengthen their activities even in tough times! To guide and support them is the best thing for me”.

Elemental Balance

The 2021 March – August Collection

Bally Women’s &  Men’s Autumn/Winter 2021 collection pays tribute to their remarkable 170-year heritage of excellence in design and leather craftsmanship, which first began in Switzerland in 1851.

Through a multitude of inspirations from modern art, architecture and the environment, the new season collection explores the consistent and continuous techniques that have come to define Bally for generations, fusing modern utility with unexpected layering. What results is a timeless yet timely range of functional sartorial styles for today’s world.

Integrating the city and the outdoors, raw forms are contoured and shaped with a contemporary take on tailoring, while reconstituted leathers morph into beguiling silhouettes; natural dyes meet alpaca yarns, making each piece singular and unique.

An homage to Bally’s legacy in the making, AW21 is an innovative continuum of Swiss craft, culture and design honoring past, present and future codes.


By Adelah Henry

We all know that travel has been one of the hardest hit industries by the Covid pandemic, so it begs the question – How have travel agents survived/ diversified/ pivoted during these times?

When I first started with this idea, I had the intention to write this article with different views from business owners and agents around the world and compare how they managed this pandemic, all that changed after I spoke to Juliana. I decided to simply put the spotlight on a dear friend and fellow agency business owner, Juliana Ibrahim. She deserves this.

Juliana is not only talented in the travel industry, but she is also a fearless businesswoman who has by far perfected the fine art of ‘business hustle’ as you will soon read.

In our interview, we asked her just one question.

What was your ‘hustle’ for 2020?

What a bittersweet year it has been!

Covid 19 has deteriorated my travel consultancy skills to an all-time low. As much as I try to find inspirations via Netflix on a daily binge – for my dreamy project about the vast land of Mongolia, which I had planned to curate shortly after the pandemic is over – Covid just seems like it’s never stopping, is it?

Cases were skyrocketing and the words ‘Flattening the Curve’ was nauseating so I decided to put my 23year old travel agency to hibernation and focus on the several hats that have been waiting for me.

Good thing is, I’ve had my two start-ups since 2016 – The Map Hatter & Cardi.ology

The Map Hatter is a cartography-based start-up. We sell world and city maps in many forms and unique handmade globes. As we are online based, with occasional pop-up stores, it’s fortunate that we’ve had an online presence. This really is a big deal as the whole of Malaysia was glued on their mobile phones, buying everything online. We threw in some offers and we were doing very well for the first 6 months of the pandemic, then it went quiet for a while. I guess people find it depressing to look at maps. All mapped out and nowhere to go!

So, I refocused on my other start-up also with an online presence, Cardi.ology, where we make all kinds of cardigans and tops. However, I had difficulties in meeting my seamstress. I had to make something simple and quick and I realized since most people were under a lot of stress during Lockdown – I came up with the Lavender Eye Pillow product which is a relaxing and therapeutic item for the eyes that can be used cold or warm (microwaveable). It helps to reduce stress, headaches, migraines, flu, sinuses, swelling, muscle spasms, insomnia, anxiety, depression and puffy eyes. It is made from Grade A natural dried lavender flowers, organic flaxseed & 100% organic lavender essential oil. We upcycled the Parisian tweed fabric remnants we had, this sold very well!

I refocused on my other start-up also with an online presence, Cardi.ology, where we make all kinds of cardigans and tops. However, I had difficulties in meeting my seamstress. I had to make something simple and quick and I realized since most people were under a lot of stress during Lockdown – I came up with the Lavender Eye Pillow product which is a relaxing and therapeutic item for the eyes that can be used cold or warm (microwaveable). It helps to reduce stress, headaches, migraines, flu, sinuses, swelling, muscle spasms, insomnia, anxiety, depression and puffy eyes. It is made from Grade A natural dried lavender flowers, organic flaxseed & 100% organic lavender essential oil. We upcycled the Parisian tweed fabric remnants we had, this sold very well!

I bastardised the French language by combining two French words Maman Poulet, which means Mak Ayam, or Hen in English. Means NOTHING in French. Mak ayam basically means pimp. But in most context nowadays, it represents a strong, bad-ass leader. It was quite a hit and went mini-viral online! I donated a portion of the sales to our National Zoo by adopting a tiger and an orangutan.

Instagram live is an interesting feature. When Malaysia had to go for Lockdown 2.0 in October 2020, I decided to go ‘live’. With zero experience in hosting, I planned my scripts with my 17yo son and my husband, got myself a ring light, put on some makeup and bam! Went live! I named it – QuickFire@5, as it was aired every Friday at 5pm.

I interviewed 7 highly achieved ladies who are my dear friends from France, Singapore, Brunei, and of course Malaysia too. We spoke very little about Covid19, it was more of a relaxed tête-à-tête on the joy of living, their job descriptions and their hopes on life post Covid. It was a fun project and I received very positive feedback on it. It was informative as well as a good cackle! What we all need during quarantine!

Being busy with projects after projects gets me going. Occasionally, I grab my laptop and go through my curated programs I was working on for 2020 that didn’t manage to materialise. I read them because I’m so afraid that I might lose the knowledge or the skills. There is a big hope in this industry to get back on track but it will be lengthy. Some say 2022, some say 2023?  I really can’t tell anymore.

My main purposes of life for now are to be happy with my family, eat well and sell well! And one thing I learned from Covid19 is to wash my hands as often as possible. It is cliché, but heck it feels good to have clean hands! – Juliana Ibrahim

Article brought to you by Travel Tribe, your one stop tourism shop.

Womenswear Creative Director, Veronica Etro, presented ETRO’s Fall Winter 2021/22 collection. The show was broadcasted digitally on and channelled a non-conformist and independent aesthetic.
Inspired by Russian ballets’ motifs and geometric intarsia, precious prints are juxtaposed to the embroideries of Nureyev’s costumes that Gimmo Etro, founder of the fashion house, has collected over 30 years. Upholstery patterns and tiger prints evoke Jimi Hendrix’s exotic world.
The brand’s colour sensibility and its exquisite craftsmanship meet an effortless, dynamic attitude echoing today’s independent spirit.

Stacey Fru Named Youngest of 100 Most Influential South Africans in 2020

By Avance Media

For her tireless work to keep people both positive and motivated during the Pandemic and beyond, Stacey Fru has made it as the youngest person into the list that celebrates and acclaims 100 of South Africa’s outstanding youth in 2020. Africa’s leading PR and Rating firm, Avance Media, has published the 5th edition of its annual 100 Most Influential Young South Africans ranking.

This list, which is focused on revealing the most-hardworking youth, features the works that 13-year-old Stacey did nationally and internationally in 2020, alongside individuals who stood tall in their businesses and careers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Putting assortment into deliberation, the list ranks young individuals from diverse industries and sectors including Activists, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Media Personalities and Politicians. Some of the prominent individuals on the list include; Cassper Nyovest, Ami Faku, Boity, Vusi Thembekwayo, Theo Baloyi, Trevor Noah, Siya Kolisi, Mbuyiseni Ndtozi and Nasty C. With no rankings or voting, this list represents extraordinary individuals who contributed in various ways towards the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

To know more about Stacey, or to see the list of all 100 people, visit @StaceyFru on Social Media and/or Avance Media’s pages on social media.

About Stacey Fru

At age 7, Stacey was the youngest writer on the continent, if not the world. Over the years, she has positioned herself as the Bestselling International Multiple Award-Winning Child Author of Chapter books, a Philanthropist, Activist, Analyst, Brand Ambassador, and Public Speaker. Through her foundation, Stacey gives to underprivileged and inaccessible children in forms of books, clothing, computers, foods, learning sessions, etc. Stacey is also the Custodian of the first ever Annual AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards hosted to coincide with Universal Children’s day every November in Johannesburg. Among her many educational projects, Stacey uses her online television channel @CTVSA to educate children and adults alike about the African continent and the world.

Stacey’s writings
Stacey, who is a guitarist, wrote her 1st book ‘Smelly Cats’ at the age of 7 without her parents’ knowledge. Stacey founded The Stacey Fru Foundation at age 9. At age 12, she is publishing her 4th and 5th books. She is a BrandSA Ambassador with following Awards Winning books:

Smelly Cats (Published in 2015),
Bob and the Snake (Published in 2016),
Smelly Cats on Vacation (Published in 2018)
Where is Tammy (Published in 2019)
Tim’s Answer (Published in 2019).

To know more about Stacey, or to see the list of all 100 people, visit @StaceyFru on Social Media and/or Avance Media’s pages on social media.

Thai Fried Rice with Prawns

(Khao Pad Goong)

By Chef Yaseen Henry

  • 2 cups of cold  rice (boiled or steamed) 
  • 1 Tblspoon fish sauce
  • 1 Tblspoon soya sauce
  • 1 Tblspoon garlic chopped
  • 1 Tblspoon Siracha sauce (optional)
  • 4 sprigs spring onion chopped
  • 3 eggs large
  • 6 to 10 prawns deveined
  • 1tsp Black pepper
  • Salt to taste
  • 1tsp sugar (optional)
  • Oil of choice about 100ml


In wok or pan, add 50ml oil on medium heat. Ensure pan is well greased with oil
Add prawns and fry for 3 minutes or until prawns turn pink. Remove from pan.

Add 2 tblspoon of oil to pan, add eggs and scramble eggs, remove from heat (do not dry the eggs out).

Add remaining oil to pan, add cold rice and balance wet ingredients to rice.
Add garlic, spring onion and pepper, toss or mix through for 30 second.
Add grilled prawns and scramble egg, add salt to taste.
Serve immediately and garnish with coriander and chopped spring onion.

P.S. you can use or add vegetables of your choice.

Ramadan is an experience which embodies so much especially, inner reflection with gratitude for God’s grace, devotion, generosity, spiritual development and sacrifice.

In the Spirit of the Sunnah, sacrifice and service, Spiritual chords and Mini Miracles will be sharing the God’s bounties this Ramadaan by providing the following services.
Iftaar meal – R25 per person
Ramadan Hampers – R550 monthly hamper per family.

High Energy Cereal and nutritional supper meal for homeless – R250 per person for a month
Eid Day 750 hot meals of Akhni/raita & a refreshment drinks – R60 (1 meal feeds 2)
The intention is to reach out to vulnerable or alone Muslim sisters & brothers and to spread awareness of Ramadan and Eid with other communities through this small gesture of reaching out.

 Spiritual Chords and Mini Miracles team members will distribute meals & gifts with mixed communities in various areas including Lawley, Alberton, Crown Gardens, Westbury, Riverlea, Soweto and other areas.

Our Eid morning will be devoted to celebrating the auspicious occasion with mixed communities across Gauteng distributing 750 meals while sharing the festivities and meaning of Eid with others. We urge you to come on board and support the cause, for more information contact:

Razeena +27 72 221 2342
Safeeya +27 84 512 2227

Thank you, in anticipation of your support!

Spiritual Chords and Mini Miracles.

Al-Imdaad Foundation: Towards a New Dawn of Sustainability

Although the world is passing through a dark and difficult period, there are always glimmers of a new dawn on the horizon. The Prophet peace be upon him said in a tradition, “If the Resurrection were established upon one of you while he has in his hand a sapling, then let him plant it.”

The scholars have explained that this tradition teaches us that we have to continue to work to achieve things even if the outward circumstances appear bleak. The fact that the sapling will take years to grow emphasises the point that we should invest in that which is sustainable for the next generation, despite the current outlook.

For these reasons, the Al-Imdaad Foundation, a South African humanitarian NGO, is putting dedicated focus into developing its Organic Community Garden, Aquaponics Dome and One Home One Garden projects at the nexus of sustainability and food security.

These projects aim to create an environment where sustainable food growing techniques can be demonstrated and shared, with the ultimate aim to enhance food sovereignty for people in townships, emergency situations and rural settings.

Organic methods are highly adaptable and work well for communities who are struggling on the breadline. This has been witnessed first-hand in home garden initiatives where just a little help and training at the beginning can lead gardeners on to greater and greater success.

Aquaponics ties into this model by creating a system for the production of fish whilst using waste products to create a nutrient dense growing medium. This allows the growing of a variety of plants in a controlled environment without the need for soil and can produce amazing yields with up to 80% less water. The closed system and constant recycling of water has great implications for water conservation.

The Al-Imdaad Foundation is working with government and other stakeholders to use these innovative gardening techniques to help forge a new dawn of sustainability for communities struggling in the face of food security and poverty, which has only been exacerbated by the Covid pandemic.

Al-Imdaad Foundation is looking forward to the new dawn, and planting for the benefit of the next generation. For more information call 0861786243 or visit

The purpose of the Core 786 event series, is to host a number of events around the country, at no cost for Women and Girls / Men and Boys. Our events will be on special days where Women and Girls / Men and Boys come to engage, connect, and share experiences with dynamic Women/Men speakers who are pursuing their dreams.

At each event we would like to offer access to dozens of year round programs as “next steps” for inspired Thinkers. To encourage the audience to look at things from a different perspective and to become more attentive to their own talents and abilities through our network.

Our unique speakers are positive role models who are every day yet extraordinary Women/Men sharing stories about their choices, determination, hardships, failure, resilience and success. Our vision is that our events inspire a generation of Women and Girls/ Men and Boys to make a difference in their lives, the lives around them, and the world. Our events give support, encouragement, and the knowledge that they can pursue their greatest dreams. After all, opportunities are endless when u know that nothing is impossible to achieve. Our Audience outreach model is focused on inviting individuals from underserved communities. However, we welcome and encourage all individuals to join our events.
Our Ambassador Outreach Program supports and collaborates with community leaders, and our partner organizations to reach out to our audience and invite them to these events. These collaborators are essential to making the event a trusted, accessible, and impactful experience for Women and Girls/ Men and Boys.

If you would like to partner up on an event or would like to sponsor an event I order to empower those who are in need of encouragement. Please contact Sadia 074 255 7078 or send us an email to

COVERED MAGAZINE and VENTURES AVENUE will gather 100 entrepreneurs, each one brimming with new experiences and will explore
possibilities for collaboration. It is time to align and unify all our efforts to create , collaborate and innovate to combat the Global challenges faced by Entrepreneurs to restore our faith in humanity and continue to be vigilant in finding ways to progress towards creating a better future as one community.

A celebration of connecting minds and creating the future, Optimism Project aspires to empower Entrepreneurs and create a positive impact that spans everything from brand activations, innovations, best practices, knowledge building to establishing meaningful connections and business opportunities.

There is an exponential growth when all of us are united, with both corporate and government sectors supporting individuals and the whole SME Community, this initiative aims to unlock endless possibilities to inspire collaborations in making connections with lasting impact matters. A platform to create , connect, collaborate and compere for business opportunities.


Fashion Foresight FZ LLC
HaiD3, Dubai
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Head Office
Covered Magazine
10 Cinderella Street, Florida
South Africa

Tel: +27 82 448 8651
Fax: +27 11 837 9808

Business Hours
Monday – Friday 08:00am to 17:00pm
Saturday 08:00am to 13:00pm

Art and Caption by @manal_mirza_ (via Instagram)
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“She wears a crown 👑

As the French Senate prepares to debate the so-called “anti-separatism” bill, human rights group Amnesty International has made a last-minute appeal for “many problematic provisions” of the draft law to be scrapped or amended.
The Senate debate on Tuesday comes after legislators in the country’s lower house National Assembly, which is dominated by President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist La République En Marche (LREM) party, voted overwhelmingly in favour of it in a February 16 vote.
The conservative-led Senate is expected to approve the bill.

In a statement on Monday, Amnesty said the new regulations planned under the law would lead to further discrimination against the country’s Muslim minority.
“This proposed law would be a serious attack on rights and freedoms in France,” said Marco Perolini, Amnesty International’s Europe researcher.
Macron’s government says the bill will tackle what the president has termed “Islamist separatism” and underscore the country’s secular system.
But critics argue it breaches religious freedom and unfairly targets France’s Muslim minority, which at 5.7 million people is the largest in Europe.

The law does not specifically mention the word Islam, but French Muslims have for months protested against it, saying the measures single them out.